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    Proven & Effective Solution to Knee Pain

    Our team proud to offer our FDA approved, highly successful, trusted, safe, non-surgical protocol for knee pain that does not require surgery, steroids, long recovery times, or any prescription medications. Our non-surgical protocol to address knee pain at its source has helped thousands of people avoid the risks of knee replacement surgery by reducing or eliminating their knee pain. This allows patients to return to a more active, healthy, and happy lifestyle. Our goal is to provide knee pain relief and educate patients on non-surgical options. 

    Joint Injections for Shoulders too

    Our non surgical options for knee pain work very well for shoulder and other joints too.  


    Anyone who is suffering from degenerative joint disease symptoms, namely chronic knee pain, may be a candidate for the breakthrough knee pain treatment protocol that we offer. Exceptions to this would be those who have had both of their knees fully replaced or those whose knees are too severely damaged or degenerated for regenerative treatments such as ours to be effective. However, in the vast majority of cases seen by our team, we are able to leverage this protocol affectively and are able to achieve tremendous results for the patients that we see! Our team at Joint Regeneration understands that every case of knee pain is different – that’s why we welcome any and all interested candidates to come in and sit down with our team members for a complimentary knee joint exam and consultation regarding this treatment protocol. This visit allows you to know whether or not you are a candidate for this treatment protocol, and whether or not this solution would be effective for you. 

    In the event that our non-surgical protocol isn’t the best solution for you, our team also offers other cutting-edge and effective solutions that can help you achieve lasting results from chronic knee pain. The first step is always to come in and see our team, and we can examine your knee joints to see what the best possible treatment solution for you is.