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    What injuries can PRP injections treat?

    PRPs injections are used primarily for soft tissue injuries, such as minor rotator cuff and Achilles tendon tears. Its use in other soft-tissue injuries is becoming more common. It has been demonstrated to improve function and reduce pain in people who have tendonitis or chronic tendinosis conditions such as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.

    It can also be used to treat injuries to ligaments and muscles. For example, improved muscle regeneration has been shown in gastrocnemius (calf) muscle injuries.

    Recent data suggests that PRP treatment is superior to than hyaluronic acid injections (also known as viscosupplementation or “gel shots”) for knee osteoarthritis, especially in regard to the duration of its positive effect. However, emerging data demonstrates that PRP combined with hyaluronic acid is more effective than either treatment alone.